Fighting the pandemic

Fighting the pandemic has been the foremost priority for 2020. The recent year saw major havoc due to the global pandemic. Many people lost their jobs while others had to shut down their business. The entire country was in a state of crisis. But even in these dire situations, our volunteers chose to work in the frontline.

According to the United Nations, the number of people dying due to hunger doubled during the Covid. The daily-wage workers and migrant laborers were suffering due to scarce resources. Thus, our people organized langars and distributed ration kits all through the lockdown.

Moreover, the urban population saw a swift flow of information. But, the poor and uneducated did not have access to the media. So, our teams came forward to help the government in controlling the outbreak. We conducted drives to distribute masks and sanitizers. Our volunteers went between the people requesting them to follow the guidelines.

In addition to that, we channeled the donations and made sure to carry them to the needy. The year had put to test our bonds with our extended family. But, with the love and support of our people, we stand strong and commit ourselves for fighting the pandemic with full force.

fighting the pandemic image