Empowering Women

Empowering women is equipping them with the right knowledge, skill, and confidence to gain control over their lives. We believe that women are an integral part of a family. Thus, by supporting a woman, we support the entire family.

Our initiatives include the all-round development of women. Beginning with education, we believe that by teaching a girl, one can teach an entire generation. Thus, we take regular classes and motivate girls to enroll in school.

Secondly, our skill training aims to make women independent and capable. We also provide sewing machines as per need.

Thirdly, our team raises awareness about menstrual hygiene. We organize monthly drives distributing sanitary pads and educating girls about their usage.

Lastly, we strictly stand against dowry and organize group marriages to lessen the load on the family.

Our vision with these programs is to uplift the status of women in our society. We wish to give them the rights that every human irrespective of any gender deserves.

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