Blood donation

Blood donation is a gift given by one person to another. You don’t need any fancy qualifications to donate blood. You just need to be a human!

Umeed-Roshni Ki has been working closely with the disadvantaged section of our society. During these times, we have been witness to numerous accidents and medical emergencies. Many don’t have the financial resources but, other times, it was the blood that caused the loss of life. As a result, in 2018, we added ‘Blood donation’ to our list of initiatives. With this, we envision losing no life to the lack of blood.

To fulfill our mission, our volunteers regularly donate blood and encourage others too. Apart from the accident cases, we regularly provide plasma to Thalassemia patients. Moreover, we conduct awareness drives and stay in touch with blood banks for emergency requirements.

With these programs, our intent is simple, “To save a life with a piece of humanity.” And, we are strongly moving towards our goal.

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