Safe Blood For All This Blood Donor Day…

Safe Blood For All This Blood Donor Day…

The battle with covid-19 pandemic and with current year’s World Blood Donor Day with motto “Give blood and make the world a more sweetful spot”. Blood Donation is one of the best way to help someone. Focus is on the commitment an individual donor can make to improve and maintain healthy life for receivers.

Blood gifts are required everywhere throughout the world to guarantee people better health. Quality-guaranteed blood and blood items in both typical and crisis situation is on high demand. People are getting afraid in donating blood they as some have negative mindsets that this will affect there health, this’s not the case one with age from 20-48 easily can donate blood. Making of blood is a simple and natural process. Through our NGO, we approach more individuals everywhere throughout the cities so as to become lifelines by electing to give blood consistently.

This pandemic brings certain concerns on health issues as load on health departments increased thus increasing there work. Urgent requirement of blood worsen the situation as fresh blood is not available in adequate amount in the blood bank.

Our NGO is very much concerned about urgent blood requirements and try to solve them by our volunteers thus fulfilling our motto of “A Light Of Hope” to receivers life. We care for everyone and our long-term goal is to help every individual in need in best posible way.

Today on WORLD BLOOD DONOR DAY our volunteers participated in blood donation camp and progressed for a healthy environment. Motivating enthusiastic youth to come ahead and try to help someone in need by donating blood. Our desire is to fully minimize this shortage of blood as blood donation is a simple and natural process. Apart from this conducting several other activities in different fields for betterment of society.

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