About Us


‘Ummeed- Roshni ki’ is a Jhansi-based NGO that supports the disadvantaged section of our society. As our name signifies, we wish to be a ray of hope to end the darkness in someone’s life. Starting with one person, we are now a group of more than a hundred volunteers working across cities.

Our Story

Founded in 2006, ‘Ummeed- Roshni ki’ is one of the largest organizations in its area. However, far before it came into being, our founder Jitendra Kumar was active in humanitarian works. Since childhood, he has been used to traveling an extra mile to help the needy. Even in college, he spent most of his time teaching the slum kids. Despite being in the demanding job of Police, Jitendra makes sure to be physically and emotionally present for these people. In fact, the kids fondly call him ‘Police wale uncle.’ For him, these people are an extended family, and every volunteer at Ummeed accepts the same.

For us, Jitendra is a mentor and the person who teaches us to be a bit more human. All our volunteers work with full dedication across cities to reduce the suffering of these people. We wish to spread smiles and make the world a better place for everyone around us.

our vision

Ummeed- Roshni Ki envisions creating a world free of misery for the disadvantaged section of our society. We wish to uplift them by giving love, respect, and accepting them as one of our own. In the process, we instill in young minds empathy and humbleness for the poor. Thus, for us giving is not a one-way act. It is a two-way process where both the donor and receiver feel a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

our services

” Charity sees the need, not the cause.”    – German proverb.

 As the proverb goes, ‘ Ummeed- Roshni Ki’ focuses on meeting the instant needs of these people. A few of our initiatives go as follows-

  • Fighting hunger.
  • Providing ration kits.
  • Spreading awareness about the pandemic.
  • Distributing woolens in winters.
  • Group Marriages.
  • Medical aids to the sick and old.
  • Finding old-age homes for the homeless aged.
  • Blood Donation.

 Apart from attending to the recent causes, we also aim to bring a long-term change in our society. As a result, our volunteers regularly teach slum kids and arrange fundraisers for their school fees. Also, we focus on making them independent and encourage them to work for a better future.